Rocks Ahead

Installation view at the Taipei Biennial, Taiwan, 2008

In his work Avrahami attempts to portray the current chaotic situation in Israel/Palestine. He does so through the construction of replicas of man-made machines, presented as sculptures in distorted environments, or crafted kinetic beings that participate in his videos. These models are made of materials such as cardboard, epoxy, and polyurethane that are, by their very nature, weak and frugal. Avrahami often references modes of transportation and their negotiation of local checkpoints to create stories that undermine the official and complex urban order, by proposing alternative trajectories. In several installations, the minibus taxi, a type of public transport that operates as an alternative to the monopolised bus company, becomes a symbol of deviation from formal routes. In another work titled Rocks Ahead,fossil-like, robotic creatures emerge from a quarry and move on to its negative counterpart – the airport runway. Avrahami highlights these objects’ unconstitutional behaviour to define the present and future of this society.


ManRay Hsu and Vasif Kortun