Yochai Avrahami's work includes sculptures, videos and installations. In recent years, he has researched the exhibition and presentation of images in military museums, memorials of atrocities and visitor centers. He has held exhibitions in a variety of places, including the Artists Studio’s Gallery (2013) in Tel Aviv, Israel; the Museum of Modern Art (2010) in Gyeonggi, South Korea; the Center for Contemporary Art (2008) in Tel Aviv, Israel; the ACC Gallery (2008) in Weimar, Germany; and the Herzliya Museum (2004) in Herzliya, Israel. He has participated in group exhibitions at the 31st São Paulo Biennial (2014);  6th Taipei Biennial (2008) in Taiwan; the 9th Istanbul Biennial (2005) in Turkey; and the Tel Aviv Museum (2002) in Israel. He won the Israeli Ministry of Culture Award in 2011 and the Israeli National Lottery Award for the Arts in 2004. He has worked in collaboration with the theater. Avrahami was the director of the Art Institute of Oranim Academic College in Tivon, Israel and teaching at the Bezalel Academy of Fine Art in Jerusalem. Avrahami is Member of Bezalel Academy Teaching center.



Born 1970, Afula, Israel  


Lives in Tel Aviv

Director of the Oranim College Art Institute

Teaching in Bezalel Academy, Dept. of Fine Arts



Solo exhibitions:

2021   share our History, outdoor sculpture and the The Israeli Center for Digital Arts, Holon

2019   The redeeming Wrecks. ACC Gallery, Weimar

2014    The Mount of Hercules, Academy of the Arts of the World, Cologne

2013    Album, The Artists' Studios Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010    Gelatin, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan
             Uzi, Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2008    Mistrust the parks, ACC Gallery, Weimar
2004    The Negotiations continue, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzlia
2003    Yochai Aavrahami, Åkerby sculpture park, Nora, Örebro
1997    Yochai Avrahami, The Artist`s Studios Gallery, Tel-Aviv        



Selected group exhibitions:  
2020   from the bauhaus to the Kibbutz, galerie drei ringe, Leipzig

2018     "50 Years after '50 Years of the Bauhaus' 1968", WKV Stuttgart
              KEDEM–KODEM–KADIMACenter for Contemporary Art (@ The Lobby Art Space), Tel Aviv

              Neomonumental, The Israeli Center for Digital Arts, Holon

2017    Cheeky concrete, World Zionist Organization Building + The Kibbutz Movement Building, Tel Aviv 
             The 11th Kaunas Biennial, Lithuania 
             Conditions of Political Choreography, NBK, Berlin
             The Dangerous Professors, Triumph School, Chicago, Il,USA 
More Love Hours than Can Ever Be Repaid, Raw-Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2016    Conditions of Political ChoreographyCenter for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
             The Black Art, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

2014    the 31st São Paulo Biennial

2013    Histories, Israeli Center for Digital Arts, Holon

2012    Scholars, Bat Yam Museum, Bat Yam

2011    Blowing on Hairy Shoulder, Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Philadelphia, PA

             According to Foreign Sources, Israeli Center for Digital Arts, Holon

             Where to?, Digital Art Lab, Holon

             On the Road to Nowhere, Ashdod Museum of Art
             The Israeli Ministry of Culture prizes winner's exhibition. Ramat Gam Museum of Art
Island, Local Collaboration Project, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ansan
2009    Art TLV, Tel Aviv
             Construction event, Israel Museum, Jerusalem  
             Cucumbers' season, The Carmel Market, Tel Aviv
             Never looked better, Diaspora Museum, Tel Aviv
             The Falll, Panorama builsing, Tel Aviv
2008    The 6th Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
             Art TLV, Tel Aviv
             Kikar Hamedina, Aber Art Gallery, Tel aviv
             The Israeli Ministry of Culture Prizes Winner's exhibition. Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa,   
             Israeli Shots, Asperger Gallery, Berlin
             Layla, Collaboration of AAI and INGA Gallery , New York       
             Stammtisch.Suchtrupp.Gartenarbeit. , ACC gallery, Weimar
             The Implied Spectator , Tmuna Theatre gallery, Tel Aviv
2007    OK VIDEO MILITIA, Jakarta
             In The Time Tunnel, ByArt Projects Gallery, Tel Aviv
             Eifo BeHeifo, The Paris Sq Carmelit Station, Haifa
             Avi Ran memorial sculpture park, Haifa
             A Voyage to prehistoric planet. Yehuda Marguza 36, Jaffa
2006    Liminal Spaces, the Museum of Contemporary Art (Mfzk), Leipzig
             People, Land, State, The Israely Center of Digital Art, Holon
             "Mini Israel", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2005     The 9th international Istanbul biennial, Istanbul, Turkey
2004     TerrorVision, Exit Art, New York, NY
              Kir Royal, The Midrasha Art School Gallery in Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv,
              Young Artist Prize winners exhibition, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa,
2003     Young Israeli Art, The O`Hana and Nelfort Foundations, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv, 
              HautNahOst , Inter Art, Frankfurt
              (In collaboration with Yoav Miller) Why Not, Haifa University Art Gallery, Haifa
2002     The Land of Shadow, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv
              Invisible power, Reading site, Tel-Aviv
2000     The America Israel Cultural Foundation winners,  The museum of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan
1994     Bugrashov beach, Art Focus 1994. Tel Aviv



Dual exhibitions:          

2010     (With Karin Eliyahu), Dogs on the carpet, ISLAND, local collaboration project of Gyeonngi Creation Center, Daebodo Island, Ansan
2008     (With Karin Eliyahu), Inga Gallery of contemporary art, Tel Aviv
2001     (With Yoav Miller) Shablarists, Alon Segev Gallery, Tel-Aviv



Special projects:

2018    (with Nir Shaulof) The Herzliya show: a TV reality show of Art School class in TV studios. collaboration between Bezalel Academy and      
              United Studios of Israel, Herzliya, Israel

2012     (with Maya Elran) Visit to Mount. Zion, Culture season, Jerusalem

2012     (with Doron Tavori) In the Land of Gilead, Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon; Tel Aviv University Theater Department; Nachmani Theater,
             Tel Aviv

2010     (with Doron Tavori) Meeting Point in Infinite Space, Ansemble Herzliya Theatre, Herzliya
2008     Ruin Slam, a collaboration with  ColorViolence, Abe Monk and Philipp Oehme,  ACC gallery,  Weimar
              The Bus Tour, Autobiography of a City, Jaffa
2007     Arcadia – A European Dream ,Plein Air at the Wielandgut in Oßmannstedt




2014     Research, study and creation, Oranim Collage, Qaryat Tivon, Israel

              A Report to an Academy, the Academy of the Arts of the World, Cologne, Germany

2013     Doing Memory, Vienna Art Academy

2012    Performance - Memory – Museum: Commemorating the Past in a Contested Present, 

             Ben Gurion university, Beer Sheva

             Making good again, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

2010    the 4th Lexicon conference, Tel Aviv University

2009    Conflictual Art, Haifa University

Awards and Scholarships:


2013    The Academy of the Arts of the World, Cologne

             Yehosuha Rabinowitz foundation, Tel Aviv

2010    The Ministor of Culture Prize
             Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ansan
2008    Joshua Rabinowitz Foundation for special projects: "The Bus Tour"
2007    Creation encouragement prize, The Israeli Ministry of Culture
             Plein Air at the Wielandgut in Oßmannstedt
             International studio program, ACC Gallery, Weimar,
2005    Israel foreign affair cultural dept support an abroad Project
2004    Israel foreign affair cultural dept support an abroad Project
2004    Israeli National Lottery support an abroad Project
2003    Young Artist Prize, Ministry of science and Culture
             Artist-in-Residence at Akerby Sculpture park, Nora, Örebro
2000    American-Israel Culture Foundation Scholarship